Armor lux

La Marinière is a true French fashion classic. Armor-Lux turn Brittany-sourced steady yarns into horizontal striped leisure wear. Dapper yet casual originals that catch every line. The Bonneterie d'Armor was founded in Quimper in 1938. Right up the waterfront, in the midst of steep cliffs and the fresh breeze of the Atlantic Ocean, Armor-Lux stay true to their marine heritage: the original sailor shirt. Manufacturing finest underwear throughout the Sixties, the Parisian intellectual élite head for their striped tee in summer ‘68: an airy classic, easy-to-wear yet not to be ignored. Armor-Lux has always been committed to regional production, skin-friendly dyeing methods, certified OEKO-TEX-Standard 100, and soft sustainable cotton from mainly fair-trade sources. In production as in research, Amor-Lux anchor craftsmanship, expertise and ethnical responsibility. A sturdy creative spirit that sails along one collection onto the next.
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