Canada Goose

For over 60 years, Canada Goose down apparel performs right where being outdoor means more than just a walk in the park: by the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, right across Antarctica and in the harshest winter of the metropolis. Extreme weather streams right through their veins; honest craftsmanship and highest standards on functionality run in every seam. Over three generations Canada Goose became expert on climate. Natural protection against temperature loss based on isolation made by nature itself: Canada Goose uses best goose and duck down feathers such as Hutterite premium quality fibres that store heat over a long period of time, are yet easy to wear and to maintain. True fur of wild coyotes surrounds most apparel’s hoods as only dense natural fibres interrupt the circulation of cold air while being strictly water and frost repellent. Sustainable production is Canada Goose’s top priority. They source down feathers only from certified, animal-friendly suppliers; their fur derives from secured wild stocks subject to the International Humane Trapping Standards.
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