Filson Bags

Filson understood what it means to live the wild. Made of extremely durable cotton twill, their travel luggage, carry-ons and duffle bags will handle even the toughest tour. Plus every canyon of the big city. When many others decided to shift their production abroad, Filson opened their second factory in Seattle. Here, in rough northwestern USA, the company originated in 1897. And it’s right here where craftsmen have learned from the wild beyond: close-mesh woven wool, heavy 22 oz. cotton twill, and sturdy bridle leather, treated exclusively with vegetable tanning agents. Each piece of leather is cut, dyed and shaped by hand; the cotton is oil-finished on paraffin-basis, therefore water-repellent. For assembly, Filson trusts on merely unbreakable brass fittings and zippers; their especially woven, tear-resistant cotton yarn passes through every seam. Holding a Filson bag in one’s hand for the first time can be a quite surprising experience: their cotton twill and cowhides are the firmest to be found. Hence to run them a test shall be a field study for life.
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