A great shoe kicks off right from its sole. Thus Grenson trust on a technique they enhanced to excellence since 1866: the Goodyear Welted Soles. The traditional outsole sewing technology is one of the most extensive production methods in boot manufacturing. And a genuine hallmark of quality: carefully selected premium leathers, about 250 individual steps throughout production and over three weeks processing time for one pair of Grenson shoes. After the leather is cut and sewn as per fit, craftsmen place the stem on a shoe last. Frame and sole are sewn carefully to the upper leather as the shoe is brought into shape. Thus the boot or shoe remains ergonomically flexible yet extremely persistent. An expertise that Grenson's artisans pass on from one generation onto the next. Due to the Goodyear Welted Soles technique every pair can be resoled several times for extremely sturdy and long lasting footwear. Alongside their fine grasp for aesthetics, each shoe from Grenson is a New British Classic.
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