Nigel Cabourn

Inspired by all-time fashion classics from smart polar and resistant army gear to early sports apparel, Nigel Cabourn’s new edition of vintage clothing brings authentic design, timeless style and honest craftsmanship back in shape. Then as now, truly original. For over 40 years, Nigel Cabourn lives and works in the very north of England. Over his career, his Garden House became workshop, showroom and his own clothing archive at once. Over 4000 fashion originals, some of them older than a century, his extensive library and the genuine nature right by his home show their true colours from one collection onto the next. Nigel Cabourn’s sense of proportion and style as his respect for crafting history and heritage can be found in every seam. After several years of studying its complexity, Cabourn brought the first parka on Mount Everest to a higher level: hand-filled with heat-regulating goose down and trimmed with true coyote fur, his outerwear protects the human body from temperatures lower than -40 °C. Lately, Nigel Cabourn cooperated with Red Wing to design army boots from smooth oil-finished premium hides and extra thick soles for excellent isolation. Long-lasting materials from experienced manufactures worldwide, unusual fittings, mostly exclusively produced on behalf of his collections, yet his irresistible grit for design far from current hypes carry on his signature: Nigel Cabourn is proud to represent honest craftsmanship instead of just fashion.
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