Saint James

The horizon outlines Mont-Saint-Michel, feet bathe in the sand. Saint-James originates right in the midst of Normandy’s shores. Their fisherman sweaters and shirts are first quality made ​​of soft natural wool, French Tricotage expertise and their authentic marine esprit alike. Since early times the village of Saint-James was famous for its wool art. Hence, Léon Legallais opened his spinnery right here, in between the fresh meadows of Lower Normandy, in 1850. Turned into a clothing manufactory in 1889, Saint-James specialises in true French knitwear, distinctive meshes and original patterns. Due to their Gemini technique, a special double weaving method, every shirt consists of a two-layered texture: the outside is woven from 100% pure natural sheep wool, yet the inside is made of cotton. After assembly each sweater and every shirt runs through Saint-James' very own quality testing: natural wool impurities are dissolved by hand, the garment is passed through water vapour. For in the end, the perfect mesh starts with the most delicate fibre.
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