Even after more than 20 years in manufacturing Tellason assembles jeans right where they originate since forever: straight from the looms of White Oak Cone Mills, their raw selvedge denim is finished to authentic casual wear ​​in San Francisco. Tony Patella and Pete Searson just don’t do mainstream; the founders of Tellason focus on quality. In fact, the over one hundred years old shuttle looms at the famous Cone Mills in Greensboro, North Carolina, take about 2 hours to weave right enough denim for a single pair of jeans. As a result, their narrow-meshed selvedge denim is extremely persistent: seems won’t fray, fibres won’t twist or frizz. In their San Francisco studio, artisans assemble the denim in a way that the selvedge borders the outer legs. Equipped with original Tanner Goods leather patches and sturdy fittings, each pair of jeans is sewn by hand with quality yarns on the front and back pockets. All in all for indestructible hems that withstand decades of stress at any point. For Tellason raw denim isn't a fashion trend. Untreated fabric is a logical consequence of genuine craftsmanship: their jeans are sold unwashed, thus saving tons of water. Over the years, each pair of denim pants will adapt to the body contours and life will draw its distinctive tints.
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