Inis Meáin

Inis Meáin is a rocky island off Ireland's rugged west coast. For generations, their knitted sweaters and cardigans protected local fishermen from harsh winds and rough weather. Today, Inis Meáin combine centuries-old traditions and progressive patterns all along the line. It is an unreal place amidst raging sea and steep rocks. Being part of the remote Aran Islands, Inis Meáins' inhabitants have an agitated past relying on their instincts and skills. Hence, they developed one-of-a-kind webbing and tailor techniques. Depending on nature's caprices, the islanders persevered ascetic crafting methods that they sew precisely into every mesh. The local manufacturer Inis Meáin relies on the time-proven weaving traditions until today: artisans hold on to the old knitting patterns but draw their lines on a fresh contemporary look. All collections are made from finest yarns, natural wool, cashmere, baby alpaca, linen and silk from the best weaving mills in Europe and South America, are dyed in muted yet powerful tones and inspired by the Irish countryside, the sea and its tides.
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