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Ten C - The Emperor's New Clothes

Six jackets, one material, exclusively produced in Italy.

 Ten C stands for minimalism and great craftsmanship, exclusively produced in Italy. Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey named their brand Ten C - „The Emperor’s New Clothes“, after the Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The brand should embody the message behind the folklore, to look beyond what is told and towards the true value in reference to fleeting fashion trends and the true value in creating high-quality garments. That’s why the entire collection by Ten C wears no labels inside or out. The brands focus lies on creating timeless and iconic garments, that intend to last forever. To live every day with you and finally become part of your life’s story. The used material will develop an individual patina over time: it will become shinier and softer or, as Ten C like to say, “it becomes clear: this is your jacket!” Besides having a beautiful piece of clothing with a individual patina, Ten C believes that by applying the true values of craftsmanship and creating garments that are conceived to last all your life, they can in some way help in the elimination of waste. It’s not just about quality, but also about caring.

The brand is exclusively made in Italy but captures influences from Japan represented in the use of fabrics developed with Japanese specialists. All six styles by Ten C, Navy, Car Coat, Anorak, Field Jacket, Deck Parka and Parka are made from the same water-resistant and breathable material. To ensure that the garments can be versatilely integrated into all aspects of life, every piece in the collection is designed with modular intent and can be customized with additional liners and hood.

The olive green fishtail parka, as shown in the video, is based upon the design of the M-65 – a US military parka from the 1950s. It is made from Japanese twill (OJJ), a material created by Ten C that is immensely dense. Made from a polyester-nylon mix, it is water-resistant and breathable at the same time. Thanks to a special treatment the fabric has a unique appearance. Thanks to its military-inspired origins, this jacket is full of practical details: large, removable hood with a drawstring - shape can be adjusted thank to a wire reinforcement, concealed zipper and popper fastening, drawstrings at the waist and hem, adjustable cuffs and a fishtail hem at the back, which can be pinned up with popper fastenings.

Get an impression of the water-resistant fishtail Parka by Ten C in 122 seconds or check out the whole collection Online:

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